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Future Thinking
Earthed in Daily Life

Pause.  Breathe.  Listen.  Notice.

We live in a pivotal moment ‘between worlds’.  The current urgency we face as individuals and collective humanity, is also a vital time of possibility, to heal disconnection from self, other and planet.

How we see, feel, think and respond in the face of today’s challenges defines our destiny. Instead of shrinking in the face of outer events and inner trauma, we can look deep within and beyond to what is true, healthy and relevant.

My role is to walk alongside changemakers and wayshowers who serve by their example rather than rank. They wish to check their edges and ethics to embody what’s authentic and needed, to include and serve the collective.

They are cross-sector bridgebuilders and policy influencers, determined to distil the best of themselves to serve the best for all.  They live as soulful stewards of the emerging paradigm during this ‘Restoration Generation’.

I support these ‘leaders between worlds’ to embrace eco-systemic approaches, with an openess to listen and learn from each other.

Working with individuals and small teams, I partner with a range of leadership and transition-focused organisations in UK, Africa and Middle East.

Where is your attention? Where do you invest your energy? Where might thinking differently take you? What will be the consequences of your intentions, choices and actions?

“The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.”

~ Paulo Coelho

Placing Your Attention
on What Matters Most

You know that feeling of being drawn to work you know truly matters. Maybe it’s even the work you feel called to do at this stage in your life. If this is your path, then we share that in common. It’s not for everyone. But if it’s for you, you’ve probably found that nothing else fits you as well.

Yet even ‘Sacred Work’ requires us to marry noble missions and practical living. The challenges vary, like juggling your meaningful work with the rest of your life. But often at heart, it can boil down to giving ourselves full permission to integrate our sacred work with the rest of our life.

These issues draw me and my individual change maker clients to work together. It’s a version of Personal Coaching and Mentoring specifically tailored to people engaged in Sacred Work. If this is you, I invite you to learn more about the Coaching & Mentoring I offer to help smooth that journey.

On the other hand, virtually all meaningful work involves a team. Yet even the most conscious, well-intentioned teams can find themselves falling out of flow – getting stuck, stagnant or adrift. This is what we work through in my Group Facilitation Circles and Guided Journeys and Retreats.

Services I Offer

Step Back,
Get Clear,
Start Small,
Keep Going…

My work focuses on the human dimension of regenerative leadership. By extracting their deeper wisdom, clients come to fully see, embrace and maximise their own unique contributions in making a difference.

Through brave spaces for experiential and collaborative learning, they feel fully witnessed and supported:
– to have their next thought…and the next
– to go several layers deeper than they are used to
– to re-imagine radically and think differently
– to connect more dots
– to consider and formulate best next meaningful moves for all stakeholders.

There is magic outside the comfort zone
“As a friend and colleague of over 15 years, I’ve observed Richard weave magic as he supports people in their quest to better understand themselves in relation to the whole world. Richard helps people connect with their inner guidance system and identify what is needed for beneficial adjustments. He enables people to envision a better future and step out of their comfort zones safely as they explore the new vista. He is quick witted, intelligent, articulate and relatable as he holds people to account when they need it, knowing when to adopt a lighter touch when required. He has mastery in the field of personal and professional transformation.”

Sue Liburd MBE DL
Organisational Anthropologist, Systems Innovator, Human Capital Innovation

Trusted space speaks more than words
“Richard continues to develop the power of his presence and the power of his silence to create a space of trust that can speak more volumes than words. His honesty shines out such that his leadership and vulnerability in being ‘seen’ can be a model and light for others.”

Dr Scilla Elworthy
Founder of Business Plan for Peace & The Mighty Heart, three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Gentle strength with firm guidance
“Richard is one of the most quietly inspiring people I have ever worked with. His quiet strength allows you to feel that you have a major contribution to make to any venture you are involved with. His gentle but firm guidance allows people to reach good decisions in the midst of challenging times. Richard’s leadership skills are well honed on different stages which demonstrates his flexibility and ability to change whilst maintaining an inner core of values that serves him well as a human being as well as a great leader.”

Dr Dawn Hillier
Ambassador for Wellness & for Diversity in Public Appointments, Accomplishing Wellness

Stimulating, challenging & different to the norm
“I really valued his approach to problems and how he framed various decision options in useful models, which I found different to the ones I had used previously. In fact, the part I valued most was the alternative view that Richard brought to our sessions, giving me alternate perspectives which I enjoyed trying to understand. I wasn’t after someone to affirm my currently held beliefs and models but someone who could take me out of my normal comfort zones and Richard did this in a very engaged manner.”

Craig Pennington
Vice-President, Global Design, Equinix

Finding your pathway to your core essence
“Well, here’s a modern day Merlin. He waits patiently as an observer bearing witness, before calling forth deep insights for an individual or a group’s potential, in addition to supporting their release of their limitations to achieving that potential. He helps us to find the pathways to our core essence that may be hidden from our normal five senses.”

Julian Read
International Exec & Team Transition Coach, Facilitator, Experienced Blue Chip Director

Inside & Out

*Coddiwomple (v): ‘To travel in a purposeful manner towards an as yet unknown destination.’

My deepest growth has come through diverse lived experience; through exposure to a spectrum of peoples, practices, cultures, environments… Each of us is on a lifelong learning journey, as their own mini-universe within a greater whole.  Our destiny is simultaneously individual and collective. Each of us effects the whole and the whole effects each of us.  I find that fascinating.  I love the paradox!

My mini-universe is fuelled by curiosity and driving questions like: ‘How do I want to live my life?’   This ongoing enquiry has given me keys to a personal ‘Code for Living’ (below).  I wish to live an inspired life of positive influence by supporting and collaborating others inspired to live with positive influence.

Hence it is my honour and delight to be on the Advisory Board of Unifying Fields Foundation, whose work in the world is to ‘unify diverse fields of science to develop integral solutions for the numerous complex challenges facing our society in the next 30 years’.

Another inspiration is as a facilitator of ‘The Mighty Heart‘.  This is a practical programme for these times to be a more effective changemaker. It distills decades of conflict transformation experience into an accessible modular approach of skills and practices that reduce the cost of destructive conflict and make peace more profitable and possible for all.

My overall style is to coddiwomple*, embracing uncertainty both inwards and out.  My intention is to travel with a learner’s delight, through which all of Life becomes fascinating and fertile, even fun!

In this spirit, I warmly invite you to step into the unknown to explore further.

Let’s meet, connect, and go from there…

You can find out more on my background here.

Let’s connect

Code for Living

guiding principles that inspire and ground me


We are most powerful when centred in embodied self, authentic relationships & connection to Nature


All existence is an interwoven tapestry to honour & enjoy, including the diversity of self & one another


We are riding waves of evolution & synthesis in ways not yet known


Ultimate freedom awaits when we trust all of Life, to be the entire Ocean in a single drop


When out of balance, it’s a struggle to survive; when balanced, Nature’s way is to thrive

Sacred not Serious

None of it matters…and all of it matters; and both are true. Love to play and dare to dream!

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