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How I work

What’s It Like Working Together?

If you’re looking for support and guidance in getting back into flow, realigning around your mission or reconnecting with your best work, this question is all-important.

And in that spirit, what really matters are the key principles we share in service of you and your sacred work.

So to help you – and us – to decide if our working together would be in your best interests, I’ll share a few core principles and then hand over to a client of mine, who has kindly summed up how our work together unfolded in practice.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

Core Principles

Guiding Our Work Together

1. Inspiration is great fuel but inner truth is the essence

Sacred work isn’t just transactional. Even though it will include many ‘everyday’ elements within it, it runs deeper than that.

For us to stay the course, most of us need occasional boosts of inspiration. It’s possible the start of this journey was inspired by such a vital spark. Its origin is often external, at least in part, or until it ignites a bigger flame within.

However, what really sustains us in our sacred work – and our life path – is our own evolving inner truth that fans that inner flame. That’s something that can take years to discover. And it tends to gain clarity with time and attention.

2. Inner truth emerges by getting to the heart of the matter

If we try to catch the truth in random moments, or chase after it, we can find it’s quite fleeting, like the Cheshire Cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The kind of inner truth we’re after doesn’t have to take years or decades to discover, but it does require a deeper conversation.

And that requires us to slow down and really get the heart of the matter. Of what matters to us, what it means to take that to heart and move forward with practical, focused commitment.

3. Deepest conversations rarely happen only on our own

Most of us go through a funny arc in life. We start off curious yet being told by others what to do, and even how to think. Then, as we form our own thoughts, we may rebel against that order.

The challenge is to let in some voices without being overly distracted, pulled off course or even overwhelmed by too many voices. This is especially vital if we want to do vital work in this world.

And yet, when we’re after our own deeper truth, it’s almost inevitable that these are not conversations that we can have solely on our own. The key is to choose collaborative partners with whom those conversations can flourish. Conversations that yield our own inner truth.

Working with me – example #1

A Client’s View

I recently asked one of my clients to help crystallise – in their words – what their expectations had been before they decided to engage my support. And crucially, how that unfolded for them and their own sacred work.

For context, my client is a highly regarded Transpersonal Leadership Coach for executive teams.

Here’s what they had to say:

* What specifically were your reasons for deciding you wanted to engage my help?

I wanted to change what I was doing, but in what way? I wanted support pulling back to reshape the time I have at the age I am. I had got lazy about my practices (especially body wisdom) that support a healthy way of living and being.

* Why did you decide to choose me to support you?

Great trust. Chemistry right from the start.

It’s not often one meets someone who is both skilled in stepping aside as a facilitator/coach AND having strong views and opinions, both with genuine humility.

You represent what the world needs – fewer tools, tricks, boxes, models…more values and moral positions, with clear and engaging articulation through experience, storytelling and metaphor.

I value what you think from deep roots that have been hard won – rooted in what you stand for and care about.

You are grounded in yourself, your sense of place in the world, your relationship…and these give you grounded strength.

You have been the wanderer and minstrel, and are the other side of those adventures (even if others are yet to come) which brings gravitas, commitment and rootedness, while still being fluid.

For your non-affiliated quality:
– lots of approaches up your sleeves but not pushing any one of them
– not related to the ‘performance coaching scene’
– signposting without bias or favour

* How did our actual work together compare with your reasons for doing so?

No quick fix
Open space with a confidante
To hold myself accountable
In-person walk was profound – both insights and reconnection to wonder
Walk & talk (on phone) was revealing: reflections that arose continue today
Pace / sequence / ability to re-meet topics in different ways

* Even if just in a sentence or two, what would you say is/are the most specific result(s) you have gained from our work together?

Crystalised commitment to self and my individual project of creating more spacious and active choices
– as a joyous and nourishing contribution to a better world
– with clearer articulation

Reconnected and reminded me of alternative approaches to the dysfunctional mainstream;
– straddling worlds and dimensions
– recognising loss
– refilling the well of creativiity

Remembering my essential me and putting me back in touch with myself – with childlike wonder

* Do feel free to add anything else.

This has re-ignited and re-awakened my appetite for self development and opening up again to a deeper sense of curiosity, exploration and the next adventure in life as who I wish to be and what I wish to do in that time.

Working with me – example #2

Another Client’s View

Here below is another example – in their words – of their experience of our working together, and the outcomes and effect (ongoing) of doing so.

For context, my client is a highly respected Director of Corporate Engagement for an esteemed higher education establishment.

Here’s what they had to say:

* What were your reasons for deciding you wanted to engage my help?

Change is often seen as a necessary evil in any organization.  It can be discomforting, and I don’t typically react well to unforeseen circumstances.  Stress, helplessness, disorientation, and despondency are common for me.

These were my experiences, and I wanted to better navigate, centre and resource myself.

* Why did you decide to choose me to support you?

During the sweeping global changes caused by the COVID pandemic, I was fortunate enough to meet Richard Bellars, Regenerative Leadership Coach. Richard helped me develop coping strategies for dealing with change. In just a few meetings, he paid close attention to my concerns, challenged me to see them in new ways, and helped me trust my instincts, often by posing questions like the ones below.

What is my contribution to the next five years?
How can I proactively adapt to organizational change?
What skills can I draw on to influence positive impact?
How does feeling fulfilled affect my well-being?
What responsibilities make me more motivated and productive?

* Even if just in a sentence or two, what would you say is/are the most specific result(s) you have gained from our work together?

Our conversations inspired me to bring my entire self to work each day, to identify and articulate how my supervisors can get the most from me, and to find joy in the everyday. Today, years after our first meeting, I am a happier and more productive worker. I’ve learned to draw on internal and external resources I didn’t previously know were available.

* What has made the difference?

I now understand my role as a leader AND as a follower, recognizing that we all play both roles at different times in our professional lives. I better understand that there are a variety of leadership/followership types in the workplace and that my style thrives on an abundance of clarity, transparency, efficiency, data-sourcing, and reflection.

* And are there any further benefits you’ve gained, whether or not you’d hoped for them before we worked together? Do feel free to add anything else.

Only I can write my own professional story, and I want it to be one of positivity and growth. I have control over how I embrace situations, utilize resources, and build relationships so that I can be my best. And in those dark times, I can look back with pride on what I’ve accomplished, thanks to the guidance and support from Richard.

Making a start

What’s Your Next True Step?

The key here is for you to make a choice that supports you really well. One that feels right for you now and going forward. I am first and foremost an advocate for you and your sacred work.

If you feel that what I’ve shared is a good match for us potentially working together, or if you have questions you’d like to clarify before deciding, let’s speak.

To arrange a first conversation to explore your questions and how such an approach would serve you, feel free to contact me via email or phone.

I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that our conversation will be supportive, safe and truth-seeking, for your benefit.

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