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Self Leadership

Know Thyself

Who you are and what you offer are needed in the world.  These are yours to embrace and express, and for the world to receive.

Coaching and mentoring support this process of seeing, and embracing you, your gifts and your sacred work.

It enables you to face and embrace uncertainty, track down your hidden power, and re-integrate it.

Crucially, there is nothing missing in you. Instead, it’s ‘simply’ a matter of re-minding and re-aligning with your whole self.

My approach offers a brave space of compassion, trust and presence for experiential learning and dynamic growth.

Our work in this space unfolds through an interweaving of enquiry, self-discovery, experimentation, expansion, embodiment, determination…and choice.

And that is what will enable you to feel fully energised, engaged and good about how you, your sacred work and your life flow together harmoniously.

“The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, the world will tell you.”

~ Carl Jung

How are you? Really

Time to Evolve

You are evolving.  You recognise the old world that is dissolving, and can envision the new one forming, and you want to play your part in that evolution.

You possess a strong sense that ‘there is more than this’ in Life, within you and through you.  You know what is important to you, yet are possibly unsure how to express it best in your work.

You may feel frustrated – or motivated – by what you are perceiving in the world, even if not quite able to put your finger on it.  You may have started questioning what matters most and how best to make a stand for it.

You wish to be a person of value, influence and example in your world.  You may have been feeling too isolated, overwhelmed and distracted to feel fully alive, balanced and effective.  You are committed to your own growth, while seeking a fresh energy, perspective and approach.

What’s Possible?

an Alchemy that transmutes obstacles into opportunities


your own foundation
of self


your resilience &
sense of accomplishment


& allow access to greater flow between head, heart & hand


& build your own daily practises


yourself with self care & model it to those around you


& transmute what no longer serves with grace & dignity


unseen potential & hidden parts of your essential nature


to make subtle changes that enable big shifts & impact

Revealing what’s unseen
“Richard sees more of me than I see of myself. He sees what’s hidden and what’s next…what I can’t see yet; and I trust that.”

Systemic Practitioner & Coach

Seeking heart-centred truth
“Richard is a rare human being who genuinely embodies integrity, authenticity and heart centred truth. He is an exceptionally gifted coach who has the ability to listen beyond the story and ask just the right question at just the right moment to create profound breakthroughs for people – I highly recommend working with him.”

Davina Mackail, Hay House Author

Different approaches, stimulating results
“Coaching is a very personal choice. If Richard is right for you then the results I managed to achieve with him were stimulating, challenging and different to my usual approaches. This made it work for me and produce results of which I am extremely proud.”

Craig Pennington
Vice-President, Global Design, Equinix

Pin-pointing practical potential
“Richard sees the potential in people in a very practical way – by pin-pointing what lies underneath, he continually enables me to surface that potential and take progressive steps in alignment to it. I have greater emotional strength and self-confidence.”

Senior Manager, GSK





Self discovery awaits

Align & Rejuvenate

Our relationship is a dedicated space of compassion, non-judgement and confidentiality.  It’s a co-creation that is respectful, brave and honest for you to explore the unknown – as well as what you feel is already known and in need of a refresh.

I am with you through the process to open up to what’s true, meaningful and possible for you.

We would start with a free introductory call (30 minutes) to connect and find out whether we want to work together and how.

My work is customised and we would explore and agree what works best for you. Typically, we would meet weekly or fortnightly (usually via video call in the current environment).

However we decide to proceed, I will be bringing the whole of me to meet the whole of you. We will get to the heart of what’s true and essential for you. And in true ‘coddiwompling’ fashion, we will move purposefully towards an as yet unknown destination – of meaning, value and life fully worth living.

My style is organic, intuitive and generative. Non-judgement is essential in holding firm while being flexible to your needs.

I am supported by tried and tested tools and models from the worlds of coaching, mentoring, profiling, healing and well-being; and also from my own travels and experiences of different world cultures.

In particular, clients with whom I have used the Enneagram and Gene Keys frameworks and tools have loved the clarity those ‘maps for self awareness’ have provided.

I also receive supervision and accountability from my own coaches, mentors and peer groups.

Below is one example of how we could work together.

To explore further and design what works for you, contact me here.

How we meet:

  • 1:1 conversation: orientation, intention, exploration
  • standard sessions are up to 75 minutes, either online or face-to-face
  • half day ‘walk-the-talk’ (and space for silence) in Nature: going deeper
  • 1:1 follow up conversation: integrating practices on your new way forward
  • (potentially) continue the work / every 2 weeks / bundle of sessions

The process:

This is a process that requires dedication and practice of willingness, gentleness, courage and patience. What emerges will be supported to find its right place.

What can be possible are:

  • Slowing down, orientation, allowing deeper realisations to emerge.
  • Working with challenge, letting go, unlearning, creating space for what next.
  • Invited and gently challenged to look into your blind spots, to step into the ‘void’ of the unknown and face your own Shadow and Inner Critics.
  • Thinking and acting with awareness, intention and attention; integration of dedication and practices for what you now wish to create in the world.

Benefits include:

  • how it benefits you to embrace uncertainty
  • greater confidence, capability & competence
  • a deeper sense of wholeness
  • more clarity in making decision
  • fuller self expression, expansion & lightness
  • what happens when you re-member your true nature
  • what’s possible when you re-direct new-found energy & other resources into a Life of greater intention & attention

If not us, then who?

From Ego
to Eco

We are being called as leaders across sector, culture, generation, gender, race, old-to-new, inner-to-outer, to step with curiosity, kindness and courage into different thinking, that boldly makes a stand for what matters most.

We can and must shift “from ego-system to eco-system” (Otto Scharmer, Leading from the Emerging Future) to innovate regenerative ways of relating to each other and living together.

Your greatest gifts to the world flow through your authentic health, value, joy and fulfilment. To be fully alive in this world is both your personal reward and service to humankind.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 
~ Howard Thurman

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