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The magic of patience & timing

“There’s magic in patience” – Brendon Burchard

Really?? Surely not. So much to do, so little time to do it, pressure of job lists, the competition of business, the world in crisis, unhealthy comparisons accelerated through social media…I could go on. So much pressure that we create for ourselves!!! I can feel it even as I write the words!!

Yet at the same time, we can only do what we can do, one step at a time.

Personally, I have to keep reminding myself, as well as those I work with, especially so as not to run old patterns and behaviours of beating ourselves up against our own standards and ideas on striving for ‘better’ or ‘perfect’ (whatever perfect is, eh?!)

Yes, we want to improve things for the better, and yes, why would we stay where we are when we can imagine differently and see what’s possible in the potential; and at the same time, the very nature of change is just that – a natural process that cannot be rushed if what we set out to create and improve is to be resilient and sustainable and what we desired in the first place.

When we do, we actually give ourselves permission to live and lead more fully in the present – which is the only moment to act from anyway. In so doing we discover power and presence to accomplish so much more….not to mention greater enjoyment and fulfilment (surely not?!)

Now….the real trick is having the courage and deep sense of trust in oneself and in life’s process to allow change to go at the pace it needs to! How we navigate the transitions of natural change…now that’s a more pertinent topic of what do we do we choose to do with the time available to us.

Hourglass of Patience

Learn to be patient, like an hourglass.
Until every grain of sand has trickled from the upper chamber into the lower chamber, we must be patient.
Live fully in the present as you contemplate each grain
passing through the narrow neck and into its place below; second by second; moment by moment.
Each task, each project, each lesson, each process
is subject to ‘right timing’. Nothing can hurry or interfere with ‘right timing